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Facebook Officially Launched its First Office in the Philippines on Thursday, April 21, 2016

The no.3 global rank site Facebook is officially launched its first office in the Philippine, on Thursday (April 21, 2016). According to Vice President for Asia Pacific Dan Neary broke the news on his official Facebook account saying; “The Philippines is a highly engaged mobile-first nation filled with people who are creative, entrepreneurial and have a strong sense of community.”

“I’m excited to share that Facebook opened its first office in the Philippines today. Over 49M Filipinos access Facebook every month to connect with their friends and loved ones – this is over 91% of the internet population,” he added.

Facebook Office Open in PH

Neary statement that millions of Filipino people have been using Facebook to share important milestones with their friends and families, and to discover brands and products.

He says, “Filipinos have been sharing the unique moments that matter on Facebook with their friends and family, be it life milestones or a trending video. 2 in 3 Filipinos are connected a business Page on Facebook, and they’re using the platform to discover new brands and products.”

Facebook Open in PH

“Our team has already been partnering closely with businesses – small and large – in the Philippines; and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to grow together with our partners there,” he added.

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