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World Class Tourist Spot, Cebu, Philippines

Bantayn Beach

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The Philippines is blessed by our Heavenly Creator with different natural splendor that makes the country become the center of tourist destination in all Asia.

In different parts of Philippine islands you can see many different scenic and magnificent spots like in diverse places in Visayas Region. In Western Visayas, the popular white sand and crystal clear water in Boracay Island, the Manjuyud White Sand Bar in Bais City Negros Oriental and in Central Visayas, the splendid powder-like white sand and crystal blue water of Bantayan Island.

Bantayn Beach

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In Cebu province, there many beautiful tourist spots that you will encounter when you travel and explore to different tourist destinations of the province, and Bantayan Island is one of the best attracttour not only in the province of Cebu and the whole Philippines but its popularity reaches even to the whole world as a World Class Tourist spots of the country.

The powder-like white sand in different Beaches in the municipality of Santa Fe is one of a kind that the island can show off. The fresh and delicious varieties of sea foods available anywhere in the island to offer like Tinolang Lapu-lapu [stewed Lapu-lapu] which is considered as one of the most delicious and expensive sea foods to serve,  Swaki [sea urchin] also considered one of the best delicacy on the island that I like so much to eat and many more.

I also shared my Photo Gallery taken during Holy Week on March 2013, explore them and enjoy watching it.

Bantayan Resort

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  • Ed Umbao April 2, 2013, 4:07 am

    Bantayan Island the best among the rest of tourist destination. The culture, traditions and smiles of local Bantayanons added glamour to the world-renowned besk-kept secrets of Cebu Province.

  • Xandee Alvero April 26, 2013, 5:39 am

    nothing will ever beat philippines’ beaches! 🙂

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