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Pagudpud Beach, Ilocos Norte Top 2 Most Visited Tourist Spot

Pagudpud Beach

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Pagudpud is known to have the longest highway of white sand with huge waves and tough wind. This is the place in the Philippines that can compare Hawaii. Added to the beautiful highway of white sand and clear blue water, Pagudpud is surrounded with many tourists’ attraction that makes the place ranked in No.2 among the Top 10 most visited tourists spot of the country according to tourism.gov.ph.

The beach offers outstanding activities like wave and wind surfing, diving, sunbathing and many other activities you can do in the beach.

Accommodation to all visitors both domestic and foreign is a problem free. There are many hotels with fully air-condition rooms to stay overnight with full security measure to safeguard visitors.

Pagudpud is located at Ilocos Norte, Philippines.


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Pagudpud Beach

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Beach Pagudpud

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