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In the latest episode wanted sa rady raffy tulfo in action. The last part of the issue of bullying against innocent girls done by Angelika tumang and the rest of Smoking Area Group. As an update all offenders are now at the hands of police authorities taken under under protective custody and undergone session of [...]

In the episode of Wanted sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo in Action the program revealed that the one of the witness receives death threats. The source of those death threats as yet to be verified but it was speculated that i came from the drug dealers who supplied drugs to the Smoking Area Group. In the [...]

Update:Smoking area group member Abby Calara, Winang Sultan and Honey Faye Catanghal are now at the hands of Police Angeles Pampanga. According to Col. Mangune head of Angeles Police the 3 has voluntarily surrendered to to them together with their parents. The police authorities are now getting their statement and involvement to the viral video [...]

In the latest episode of Wanted sa Radyo one of the victim Alias Jane and mother notified the program that they were being harassed by Winang Sultan and parents last August 21, 2019 According to the victim Sultan and parents go to their house in enrage and taunting her to fight “sabunutan”. Alias Jane “pumunta [...]

In the latest episode of Wanted sa Radyo August 23, 2019. It was reveal that a certain John Ric Corpus mention by the victim Alias Jim that he was willing to testify against Tumang and the Smoking Area Gang. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PMKneTWo1AE&t=1377s Corpus participated in the gang activities as a person who i recording a video during [...]

August 23, 2019 an update of issue of bullying towards innocent girls done by a gang named Smoking Area Group. Last August 21, 2019 one of its member Winang Sultan goes to the house of the victim named alias Jane and her mother harassed them and say unpleasant words to her (mother) daugther. Winang Sultan [...]