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Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: New Victim Alias Jane Harassed By Winang Sultan of Smoking Area Group

In the latest episode of Wanted sa Radyo one of the victim Alias Jane and mother notified the program that they were being harassed by Winang Sultan and parents last August 21, 2019

According to the victim Sultan and parents go to their house in enrage and taunting her to fight “sabunutan”.

Alias Jane “pumunta po sila sa bahay galit na galit at nag hahamon ng sabunutan”.

Winang Sultan Nag Hamon ng Sabunutan

The mother of the victim added her daugther rush to her and pinpiont that the person outside was the people hurt her, she added she tries to stop Winang.

Alias Janes mother “pumunta po sila sa bahay at nag sabi yung nanay ni Winang na mag 1 on 1 sabunutan yung anak nila”.

Raffy Tulfo surprise upon hearing the news and added “imbis na awatin yung anak nya (sultans mother) konunsenti pa”.

Col. Mangune Angeles City Pampanga Chief of Police these act can be a ground to file a case against sultan and mother.

Meaning Angelika Tumang and Nikole Gamboa were at the hands of Cswd under protective custody and counseling due to their minor age, but Winang Sultan at legal age if proven guilty she will serve her offenses at jail.

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