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Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: Justice Is Served Angelika Tumang and Smoking Area Group Now At CSWD

In the latest episode wanted sa rady raffy tulfo in action. The last part of the issue of bullying against innocent girls done by Angelika tumang and the rest of Smoking Area Group.

As an update all offenders are now at the hands of police authorities taken under under protective custody and undergone session of counseling. They will face physical injury and bullying charges as filed in the prosecutors office.

As Idol Raffy said ” dudurugin namin at may kalalagyan kayo”, wherein its really happened and done.

Meanwhile the Mayor Lazatin of Angeles Pampanga assure for protection to the witness against the group and offer scholarships for the star witnesses.

Finally the case is closed and for those abusive children out there watch out and be good because if you are like these Smoking Area Group Raffy Tulfo will hunt you down.

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