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Watch Raffy Tulfo: A Certain John Ric Corpuz Will Maybe A Main Witness Against Smoking Area Gang

In the latest episode of Wanted sa Radyo August 23, 2019.

It was reveal that a certain John Ric Corpus mention by the victim Alias Jim that he was willing to testify against Tumang and the Smoking Area Gang.

Corpus participated in the gang activities as a person who i recording a video during the bullying act. It was remembered that during the bullying of alis Kim, he was the person shooting the video at the restroom.

Accroding to Raffy Tulfo he will be considered a witness because he does not involved in beating innocent girls.

Meanwhile an update for Tumang she was not in protective custody at CSWD Angeles Pampanga.

Police authorities also conduct a drug test among the two Tumang and Nicole but the result will not be annouced because they were minors.

Meanwhile Winang Sultan will not be in proctective custody because she was now in legal age and one of the victim revealed that during August 21, 2019, she charged at the house of alias jane and harassed her and threaten the victims mother.

More and more victims of this group are now appearing and giving their statement against this group.

The king of public service noted “dudurigin namin kayo at ilagay sa tamang nyo kalalagyan” referring for disbanding the group and justice will be served to the victims.

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