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Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: Death Threats Receive By One Of The Witness Against Drug Supplier Of Smoking Area Group

In the episode of Wanted sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo in Action the program revealed that the one of the witness receives death threats.

The source of those death threats as yet to be verified but it was speculated that i came from the drug dealers who supplied drugs to the Smoking Area Group.

In the previous episode it was revealed that this group of minors involved in bullying were using illegal drugs and they had revealed the suppliers of marijuana and shabu.

The mother of the witness was scared from the threate her son received and ask the program for help.

Idol Raffy noted “the witness with the help of Police office Angeles Pampanga must be in protective custody”.

The king of public service added hopefully the case will be come to its end soon and the victims will have their justice served.

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