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Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: Winang Sultan “Babalikan Ko Kayo” Threatens Victims Alias Jane and Mother

August 23, 2019 an update of issue of bullying towards innocent girls done by a gang named Smoking Area Group.

Last August 21, 2019 one of its member Winang Sultan goes to the house of the victim named alias Jane and her mother harassed them and say unpleasant words to her (mother) daugther.

Winang Sultan

The mother of Alias Jane added that Winang Sultan challenge her daugther “sabunutan” but alias jane declines, she added that Winang was taking up shabu and sometimes solvent.

Winang Sultan Part will be heard at the first part of the program

Frustrated by the outcome Winang Sultan’s mother challenge Alias Janes mother to a fight.

Idol Raffy promised Alias Jane and her mother protection and ensure that Winang Sultan and parents will be put to jail.

Meanwhile Angelika Tumang and Nicole Gamboa were not at the custody of CSWD under a protective custody and undergone drugtesting but the result should not be revealed because they were still minors according to police authorities.

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