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The video of a netizen is making round on social media following after her challenge to Francis Leo Marcos sayiing “show your wealth and make a live distribution of your money in Payatas.” Francis Leo Marcos becomes the instant online celebrity following after his “Mayaman Challenge” an advocacy to wake up rich men in the [...]

Live now Mayaman Challenge initiated by Billionaire Philantropist named Francis Leo Marcos. This program is encouraging the citizens to help and be a good samaritan by helping in kind or from the heart. He also proves himself to be a good example by donating a much of his fortune to procure trucks of sacks of [...]

Mr. Francis Leo Marcos is making his name by challenging fellow rich men and politicians in the country to get out from their comfort zone and use their wealth to invest heavenly treasure by helping the poor and needy during the time of crisis like of this COVID-19 pandemic. The Philippines is under “Enhance Community [...]

Mr. Francis Leo Marcos becomes the most trending topic in the online world following after his “Mayaman Challenge” which defy politicians and rich men in the country to use their own money to help the poor and needy in times of crisis due to coronavirus disease that affect not only in the Philippines but all [...]

#Mayaman Challenge Businessman Philantropist Francis Leo Marcos recently makes noise in social wherein he challenges his fellow billionaire neighbors to allocate a portion of their money to feed the poor. He recently make vlog to show and to inspire the people to give and help the people in need due to COVID-19 outbreak wherein this [...]