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JOHN LUIS LAO RAZON and R.A. Mr. GANI ORO accepted “Mayaman Challenge” of Francis Leo Marcos

Mr. Francis Leo Marcos is making his name by challenging fellow rich men and politicians in the country to get out from their comfort zone and use their wealth to invest heavenly treasure by helping the poor and needy during the time of crisis like of this COVID-19 pandemic.

The Philippines is under “Enhance Community Quarantine” (ECQ) due to the threat of getting infected of the deadly coronavirus, the reason that President Rodrigo Duterte put the country under health emergency alert implementing the said Enhance Community Quarantine to contain the spread of the virus.

In this connection, there are a lot of indigent Filipinos affected of the ECQ. People who cannot sustain the long period of staying at home with nothing to eat. Even though the government provided foods to the poor and needy but it could not be also denied that the government is calling the private sectors and those rich men to extend help for the needs of the poor people in the country.

Good to know that there are some other Good Samaritan in the country that answers the Mayaman Challenge of Francis Leo Marcos who also get out from their comfort zone and use their wealth to help the poor and needy. Several hundred sacks of rice to be distributed to different areas of Luzon from the personal expense of these men.

Some of the Good Samaritan who answered the call are JOHN LUIS LAO RAZON and Radio Announcer Mr. GANI ORO.

Watch video here:

Radio Announcer Mr. GANI ORO

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