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Watch: #Mayaman Challenge Sir Francis Leo Marcos Feeds 4,000 People In Need

#Mayaman Challenge Businessman Philantropist Francis Leo Marcos recently makes noise in social wherein he challenges his fellow billionaire neighbors to allocate a portion of their money to feed the poor.

He recently make vlog to show and to inspire the people to give and help the people in need due to COVID-19 outbreak wherein this kind of individual cannot go out to work to feed their family.

Mr. Marcos vlogs becomes more exciting when he challenges billionaire politicians and calling them “supot” (coward and greedy) and just stay on their panic room not going out and fulfill their jobs as a pure public servant.

Meanwhile in the video we can see Mr.Marcos purchase 100 sacks of rice to feed the almost 4000 families and more.

There are also some ordinary individuals and artist accepted his challenge and Sir Francis commended for their good deeds.

Please watch the video down below:

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