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LIVE NOW: Francis Leo Marcos Vlog #Mayaman Challenge April 5, 2020 (Sunday)

Live now Mayaman Challenge initiated by Billionaire Philantropist named Francis Leo Marcos.

This program is encouraging the citizens to help and be a good samaritan by helping in kind or from the heart.

He also proves himself to be a good example by donating a much of his fortune to procure trucks of sacks of rice to be distributed to the poor in Metro Luzon area.

Francis Marcos challenges the billionaire politicians to allocate a small amount of their money to buy something for the sake of the Filipino people.

This is a good initiative and inspired many people rich and in the middle class, also some celebrities answer to his call and already donated some of their salary for the poor.


At time of crisis we really need to join hands and forget ourselves for the meantime because if we are blessed we must become a blessing to others, that is our purpose as our GOD order and expect us to do.

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