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Francis Leo Marcos Challenge by a Netizen to Give His Money LIVE in Payatas

The video of a netizen is making round on social media following after her challenge to Francis Leo Marcos sayiing “show your wealth and make a live distribution of your money in Payatas.”

Francis Leo Marcos becomes the instant online celebrity following after his “Mayaman Challenge” an advocacy to wake up rich men in the country to help less-fortunate and indigent Filipinos during the time of COVID-19 crisis in the country.

His good intention of helping the poor and needy was misinterpreted by some people and throwing against him evil spoken words of criticism in spite of his good action standing amid the crisis helping thousands of Filipinos affected of the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon.

There are some that says, “if he help others, there is no need for him publicized what he was doing.” While some answered how can he set himself a good example to wake up other rich men if he was not doing what he has done of showing the online world to challenge others to do the same.

However, the netizen in this video is challenging Francis Leo Marcos to give money in Payatas and make it live.

Watch this video:


Sa sobrang yabang daw ni Idol Francis Leo Marcos may humahamon na dalhin daw ang mga salapi!! Panoorin ang video para malaman kung ano hamon ni ate!

Posted by FEBS VIDS on Monday, April 6, 2020

Our team learns that millions of the Filipinos subscribed and followed FLM in his Facebook account and YouTube channel appreciating his good deeds like a “Good Samaritan” who came out to help during the crisis.

There is no other information about this netizen that challenge FLM, we are to know here and indicate in this page once available.

The video went viral flooded with hundreds of thousands comments from the netizens.

What can you say about this netizen that challenge FLM? Write your comment here below.

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