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Romano Marcela, Amihan Enrique, Danny Ramos Accepted “MAYAMAN CHALLENGE” of Francis Leo Marcos

Mr. Francis Leo Marcos becomes the most trending topic in the online world following after his “Mayaman Challenge” which defy politicians and rich men in the country to use their own money to help the poor and needy in times of crisis due to coronavirus disease that affect not only in the Philippines but all over the world as World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as pandemic.

In the Philippines, a man of good hearth and generous enough to look back the poor and needy in times of need. Mr. Francis Leo Marcos, he can’t afford of seeing helpless people who had nothing to eat during the crisis due to the effect of enhance community quarantine declared by the Office of the President as precautionary measure to contain the spread of the lethal disease due to the coronavirus.

Coming out from his comfort zone and without reluctance spending his personal money to help the poor affected by the enhance community quarantine. His advocacy challenges all rich men in the country and dare politicians to spend their own money to help the poor and needy in times of crisis like this of today.

Even if Francis Leo Marcos was evidently doing good to the people, yet there are still bitter people cannot see his good intention of helping the poor and needy. Some of the challenged people of the “Mayaman Challenge” react differently and throw stones against Francis Leo Marcos.

However, there are many people of the countrymen who have the same spirit of a Good Samaritan” answers the call and accepted the “Mayaman Challenge.” Some of them who answers the “Mayaman Challenge” are not even rich like him but accepted the challenge. This act of the generous people accepted the challenge made the heart of the Filipino proud as they see them helped people during crisis. The netizens applauded them.

To name some of the people accepted the “Mayaman Challenge” are Mr. Romano Marcela, Mr. Amihan Enrique and Mr. Danny Ramos. With their own money, these men allocated certain amount to answer the call.

Watch video here so that you will see up to how much the amount they give.


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