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Best Friend of Tim Sawyer Reveal Real Attitude of His Friend

The best friend of Tim Sawyer comes out after the live quarrel of his friend and partner China Roces to reveal the real attitude of Tim Sawyer.

According to Tim Sawyer’s friend in this full video, Tim Sawyer started from scratch with nothing in him the reason that he was there to support Tim as friend that knows how to answer the needs during the time that Tim was financially hard up.

He also said that everything in his friend changes after he got huge amount of money from his vlog that even redound to a scandalous act online.

Here is his full video, you can watch it here and learn of him what is the real attitude of a YouTube vlogger.


We are apologizing our viewers if we did not indicate the name of Tim Sawyer’s best friend for a certain reason. But of course, we understand that we cannot control our viewers who knows him to possibly identify him and place his name on the comment box.

Thank you for watching his video anyway.

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