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VIRAL NOW: The Reason Behind China Roses And Tim Sawyer Break Up

Famous vlogger China Roces and Tim Sawyer recently makes noise in social media wherein the two engage in fight together.

China Roces reveals that Tim Sawyer has a new woman in his life and flirting with other woman.

Roces reveals that Tim is willing to leave his wife and son Timothy for the sake of other woman.

China reveals that Timothy is willing to spend an amount of 850k for the sake of other girl.

China “gusto kong malaman nyo, na ang taong ito (Tim) ay isang manloloko at alam nyo ang sabi ready nya na kaming iwan dahil my pera na sya”.

The female vlogger reveals on the past that Tim has nothing at all, but this time he has money he decided to leave his family for the sake of other woman.

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