LIVE FOOTAGE of Apple Park’s Latest Progress and Development

Steve Jobs’ vision of putting twelve thousand people in one building is now about to begin. Apple Park construction will finish this year. You can watch the video below of the latest progress and development of Apple‘s massive corporate headquarter. It is held at the heart of Cupertino in California, 2.8 million sq foot circular … Read more

Affordable iPhone 6 Plan of SMART is now AVAILABLE

Smart Postpaid release the affordable package for iPhone 6. You can now subscribes and enjoy the features of the iPhone 6 and freebies for only P999 per month. Smart Postpaid Plan 399 plus 600 per month with one time cash out of P1, 000. Smart Postpaid Plan 399 –3GB Monthly Data -500MB for FB Messenger, … Read more

Watch: New Cellphone Doesn’t Need a Battery, It WORKS

Tired of charging your cellphone battery? Here is the answer; a new cellphone does not need a battery. Watch the video below by CNN and you surely amazed on what you saw. This new cellphone device is powered by ambient radio waves or it can use energy from the sun. You can see in the … Read more