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Netizens Shared how the Grab Driver Thank Her for Calling Him “Sir” for the First Time

A netizen shared a heartwarming encounter with a Grab Rider on how thankful he is for calling him “sir” for the first time.

Because of technology, our life has become easy and convenient. Like if you are craving for some foods, we can immediately order in the app, with an internet connection and a few clicks. It is delivered right away at your doorstep. One of the offers was the ‘GrabFood”

Netizen Shares How Grateful

These past few months, we can hear in the news some Grab food employees are filing complaints against some costumers that is canceling orders, abusing them and disrespecting them. Those abusive and inconsiderate costumers were canceling their orders though it is already placed and ordered.

Recently, one customer didn’t realize how her simple way of calling her food rider “Sir’’ would go a long way. The owner of the Twitter account is Chin, she shared that as she waited for her delivery, she called the rider, “Sir.”

She wrote, “Me to Grab: ‘Ok po, Sir. Salamat po. Ingat.’”

 When her food delivery arrived, she was surprised to see the rider giving her a big smile.

 “Pagdating niya dito sa unit, pag-open na pag-open ko ng door to get the food, ang ganda ng ngiti niya,” she added.

Because of that Chin realized how important to give respect to everyone.

She shared, “Grab driver: “Grab food po. Good morning po maam! First time ko pong tawaging Sir. Maraming salamat po ah.’”

The post went viral and many netizens reacted to a short but inspiring post of Chin. That she made one Grab Food rider happy. Many were inspired and impressed with the story.

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