‘Pulitikong May Asawa’ Wants To Court Actress Elisse Joson

Actress Elisse Joson is no longer dating, after learning that she is currently single, a “pulitikong may asawa” rumored to be interested in courting her.

McCoy finally acknowledged that he and Elisse had broken up after several days of rumors.

Fans of McLisse have incredibly sad reactions to this. However, the actor was criticized for supposedly dating aspiring actress Mary Joy Santiago.

The actor, though, denied the existence of a third party. 

Additionally, he denied reports that a discussion between him and Mary Joy was leaked.

There have also been rumors that the actress’s mother is against McCoy, which may have contributed to the breakup of the former relationship.

Mark de Leon, the actor’s father, expressed his “hiyang-hiya” to the incident in a brief message. 

Elisse Joson remained mute about the problem.

The actress is being courted by a well-known politician, according to a recent piece by entertainment journalist Gorgy Rula in Pilipino Star Ngayon.

Rula revealed that he had been asked by a friend if he and Elisse were friends.

Because he only spoke with Elisse once, the journalist said that they are not close friends. Rula remarked, “May isa palang kilalang pulitiko na gustung-gusto si Elisse, at balak pormahan nang nalamang single na uli ito.”

The journalist then revealed that his friend had urged him to introduce Elisse to the said politician. Elisse Joson should be with the said politician, according to Rula, but the latter has “asawa.”

“Sa totoo lang, bongga si Elisse kung papatulan niya si kilalang pulitiko. Pero ewan ko lang kung type ng aktres, lalo na’t ‘pag nalaman niyang may asawa na ito,” he said.

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