WATCH: Former President Rodrigo Duterte Wants to Ban Fraternities in Schools

After hazing incidents, former Rodrigo Duterte called for the banning of fraternities and sororities in schools all over the nation. According to the former President, this is the perfect moment to prohibit all fraternities and sororities in all Filipino schools. On an SMNI show, Duterte declared that if they do not want what happened to … Read more

Mariel Padilla Expresses Gratitude To President Rodrigo Duterte “You Deserve It Po”

Through a previous Instagram post, famous YouTuber Mariel Padilla thanked departing president Rodrigo Duterte. On June 26, a celebration of President Duterte’s contributions to the country was arranged. Her spouse, Senator-elect Robin Padilla, has supported the Duterte government from the start and has remained to do so up till now, as Mariel Padilla mentioned in … Read more

Outgoing President Rodrigo Duterte Advised his Successor to Abolish the Party-List System

Outgoing President Roa Duterte, who had previously advocated for a constitutional change to the 1987 Constitution, encouraged the next president to convene either a Constitutional Assembly (ConAss) or a Constitutional Convention (ConCon). “Itong party-list kailangang alisin na ito ng kung sinong magpresidente ngayon na papasok,” Duterte stated on Thursday during his Talk to the People … Read more

Sen. Manny Pacquiao denied Attacking President Rodrigo Duterte

Sen. Manny Pacquiao says it was not his intention to “attack” President Duterte after claiming that the current administration is “three times” more corrupt than previous administrations. Sen. Manny Pacquiao issued a warning to Health Sec. Francisco Duque III, saying he’ll start with exposing the misuse of funds within the Department of Health amid the … Read more

President Rodrigo Duterte Challenges Sen. Manny Pacquiao to name corrupt officials and agencies

DOE Sec. Alfonso Cusi, PDP-Laban vice chairman, said it was “really unfortunate” that Sen. Manny Pacquiao accused the Duterte administration of corruption. Recently, President Duterte challenges Sen. Manny Pacquiao to name the alleged corrupt government offices or officials. Senator Pacquiao criticized the corruption under the Duterte administration, saying it is “three times more corrupt.” According … Read more

President Rodrigo Duterte Approves thirteen (13) bills proposals of Senator Christopher “Bong” Go

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go highly thanked President Rodrigo Duterte for approving the thirteen proposals that will strengthen the capacity of hospitals and provide quality health services. As chairman of the Senate Committee on Health and sponsor of Senate proposals, Go stressed that “hindi ako titigil na ipaglaban kung ano ang makakabuti sa ating mga kababayan, … Read more

President Rodrigo Duterte Tells Willie Revillame to run for Senator

President Rodrigo Duterte greets Wowowin host Willie Revillame and wanted Revillame as Senator for this coming 2022 Elections. Although they do not meet often, the president always thinks of Revillame. However, he said he always thought of the host that he would have liked to run for the senate in the upcoming Elections in 2022. … Read more

Sen. Manny Pacquiao Fires Back on President Rodrigo Duterte on Statement ‘Shallow Knowledge’

Sen. Manny Pacquiao releases statement that he disagree with President’s Assessment ‘has a very shallow knowledge.’ Sen. Manny Pacquiao stated that he respect the President’s opinion but humbly disagree with his assessment of his understanding of foreign policy. “I am a Filipino voicing out what needs to be said in defense of what has been … Read more

LIVE: President Rodrigo Duterte​​’s Talk to the Nation (May 5, 2021)

Duterte: We are sorry that we committed the things that you are criticizing us for. We accept responsibility. Ako mismo nagpaturok, it’s the decision of my doctor. Anyway it’s my life. Duterte on Sinopharm: Just before this meeting started I had a talk with the ambassador, ang mga experts nasabi di pa dumaan ng examination … Read more

President Rodrigo Duterte appoints Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar as the next Philippine National Police chief

President Rodrigo Duterte has appointed Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar as the 26th chief of the Philippine National Police, Malacañang confirms. Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar: To be appointed as the Chief PNP is a rare opportunity, but come with the challenges of good leadership and meeting the high expectations of the Filipino people. I accept these … Read more