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Sen. Manny Pacquiao releases statement that he disagree with President’s Assessment ‘has a very shallow knowledge.’ Sen. Manny Pacquiao stated that he respect the President’s opinion but humbly disagree with his assessment of his understanding of foreign policy. “I am a Filipino voicing out what needs to be said in defense of what has been [...]

Sen. Manny Pacquiao says he felt disrespected after Sen. Pia Cayetano left last week’s plenary session without interpellating him, as scheduled, on his proposed boxing commission. Sen. Pacquiao: Nabinbin ka tapos ‘pag turn mo na, wala na pala yung mag-iinterpellate sayo. Naghintay ako e. Disrespect ‘yun sa part ko. Tao rin ako, may nararamdaman. Gusto [...]