Watch: Rodrigo Duterte Denies Statement Pres. Bongbong Marcos is Addict


Former President Rodrigo Duterte provided further explanation regarding his previous assertion that President Bongbong Marcos was involved in drug addiction.

Duterte emphasized that he did not make such an allegation against Marcos. He expressed concern that Marcos might retaliate violently if such accusations were made. Duterte appealed for compassion, citing his age and vulnerability.

In his statement, the 78-year-old from Davao City clarified that he did not intend to label Bongbong Marcos as a drug addict; rather, he meant to convey that Marcos used drugs for maintenance purposes, akin to how ordinary individuals might use them.

“If you say addict, I didn’t say anything like that. Marcos will kill me for that. Have mercy on me, I’m already old,” he said.

Watch this video here below to hear from his statement:

On the other hand, if you have not yet the video from here, Duterte says that President Bongbong Marcos is a drug addict, you may watch it here below:

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