69-Year-Old Senior Citizen to Strut the Runway at Miss Universe Philippines-QC


A notable figure is creating a buzz on social media as a senior citizen joins the official candidates of Miss Universe Philippines – Quezon City (MUPHQC). Jocelyn Cubales, a 69-year-old fashion designer, stands out among the 14 candidates representing the city. The winner of this competition will play a pivotal role as the face of Quezon City in the upcoming Miss Universe Philippines (MUPH) pageant.

“Meet Jocelyn Cubales. At 69 years old, she believes that the younger generation can learn a lot from her life experiences, most especially grit. See her give light to the universe!”

MUPHQC has been unveiling its title contenders through a series of Facebook posts, introducing each candidate individually. Among them is Jocelyn, who believes that her wealth of experiences can serve as a valuable source of learning, particularly for the younger generation. Notably, she received the special award “Mother of the Universe” in recognition of her advocacy and charitable efforts dedicated to the well-being of children and women in the country.

Jocelyn Cubales is making history as the first Filipina to compete in this pageant. Her presence challenges traditional beauty standards, and her journey is a testament to the evolving inclusivity within beauty pageants. The coronation night of MUPHQC is eagerly anticipated, scheduled to take place on February 5. It’s worth recalling that in September, the Miss Universe Organization announced the removal of age restrictions, signaling a more diverse and inclusive era for beauty competitions beginning in 2024.

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