VIRAL NOW: Ava Mendez and Skusta Clee S*x Video Leaked

Marie Test

Skusta Clee is a rapper and singer from the Philippines. He is also a record producer and songwriter. He is also a member of the popular Filipino hip-hop group Ex Battalion. He was romantically involved with Zeinab Harake.

Skusta Clee, according to a previous KAMI report, posted a new cryptic message on his Facebook account, which has since been deleted. The famous rapper wrote “not my baby” in his post on the said social media platform, which has since been removed from an FB account under his name, Daryl Ruiz, but many netizens have seen it. Many netizens also reposted it on other online platforms, eliciting reactions.

He recently posted a video of himself with actress Ava Mendez. They are seen cuddling with each other.

The famous rapper was also aggressively touching Ava’s face.

Skusta gave Ava a warm hug near the end of the video.

Many netizens expressed their feelings about the videos. They also shared their predictions for the final score between the two.

Chie Filomeno had also previously posted on Twitter, which drew the attention of netizens. It’s about Skusta Clee after Zeinab Harake revealed the details of their relationship. Furthermore, Chie posted about it on Tuesday, when everyone was talking about the unofficial Comelec results. Meanwhile, many netizens have commented on Chie’s viral tweet about the popular rapper.

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