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Zeinab gave birth to Baby Bia on April 28. Skusta Clee, also known as Daryl Ruiz, has tears when finally meeting his first baby girl Bia. In his vlog, Skusta Clee shared what Zeinab went through when she gave birth to Baby Bia. “Sa lahat ng mga naging lakad at ganap ko sa buhay, man, [...]

The supporters of Zeinab Harake are confused right now because of the recent post of Daryl Ruiz more popularly known as Skusta Clee. “Never gon’ lose u again.” Skusta Clee’s recent story post, “Happy Birthday Bebe Ko.” Here are some photos; Never gon’ lose u again.Posted by Daryl Ruiz on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 💛Posted by [...]

Zeinab Harake got prank, Skusta Clee surprise Zeinab during Halloween Costume party Vlog. Behind of the surprise was Zienab’s Sister Rana, who contacted Daryl or more popularly known as Skusta Clee. “Baka masampal ako nun ah, baka pag nakita ako nun sabihin: ‘Bat ka nandito?!” said Daryl upon arriving at the venue. #Zeiryl is now [...]

“Pastillas Girl” or Angelica Jane Yap in real-life spoke up and defended her boyfriend Ex-Battalion member Flow G over the plagiarism allegations on their song, “Deym” for copying the sound of a BTS song “Ddaeng”. Filipino rappers and Ex-Battalions members Skusta Clee and Flow G is now facing a plagiarism issue after they released a song for [...]

The viral alleged plagiarism of Rapper-singer Skusta Clee to the Korean group BTS track “Ddaeng” has become the talk of Twitter and other social media platforms after a netizens accuse him of plagiarizing the Kpop group song that was released in 2018. It was in September this year when the rapper released his track “Deym [...]

Flow G. and Skusta Clee is making round as the most trending topic in Twitter following after the plagiarism issue. The plagiarism issue prompted the fans of BTS calling out Flow G and Skusta Clee for the alleged plagiarizing the K-pop group’s Dadaeng. Similar report published by the GMA Network saying that fans were posting [...]

Viral again in social media is the feud between Ryssi Avila, Skusta Clee, Zeinab Harake and Concon Felix. A close friend of Avila posted a photo wearing a pink pajama with a caption “Huli Pero Hindi Kulong” (Caught but not jailed). It so happened to be the pink pajama is speculated owned again by Zeinab, [...]

Another issue pop up on Skusta Clee and ex-girlfriend Zeinab Harake after the Ex-Batallion member allegedly ask Zeinab Harake when they are still in a relationship P200k just to buy an IPhone. Recalling, Skusta Clee went viral on social media after posted a video in his Instagram libe with Ryssi, throwing away the pajama of [...]

Viral now in social media is the term ‘Salamat Kojic’ a netizens term to lambast Ryssi Avila. Kojic is an ingredient of soap with whitening properties. Recently netizens call her that way due to her transformation from a fair complexion skin to white. Comparison Of Ryssi during her time at TNT vs the present It [...]

One of the most controversial topics in social media is the war between Zeinab Harake and her Ex boyfriend rapper Skusta Clee who is now in a relationship with Youtuber Ryssi Avilla. Credits to Zeinab Harake’s fb After the controversies between them fast circulating in social media, vlogger Zeinab Harake seems so pissed off towards [...]