VIRAL NOW: Ava Mendez and Skusta Clee S*x Video Leaked

Skusta Clee is a rapper and singer from the Philippines. He is also a record producer and songwriter. He is also a member of the popular Filipino hip-hop group Ex Battalion. He was romantically involved with Zeinab Harake. Skusta Clee, according to a previous KAMI report, posted a new cryptic message on his Facebook account, … Read more

Skusta Clee and Ava Mendez are now Engaged?

A video clip is now viral on Tiktok where Skusta can be seen kneeling down and then quickly hugging Ava while her friends are having fun. It can be remembered that recently the two shared happy and sweet photos on social media. Many people are now asking if the circulating video where Skusta Clee and … Read more

Vivamax Star Ava Mendez and Skusta Clee are in a Relationship

The Vivamax star Ava Mendez posted a video of her and rapper Skusta Clee kissing. Skusta Clee is a Filipino rapper and songwriter known for his hit songs “Diliman” and “Zebbiana.” He is a member of the hip-hop group Ex Battalion, which rose to popularity in the Philippines in the early 2010s. Skusta Clee is … Read more