FULL VIDEO: Celeste Cortesi’s “Celestial Walk” in Miss Universe 2022 Swimsuit Prelims Competition

The swimsuit portion of the Miss Universe 2022 preliminary competition took place today in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Celeste Cortesi’s performance surprised the crowd.

In the aforementioned section, the Filipino-Italian beauty queen displayed her graceful pasarela, known as the “Celestial Walk.”

After winning Miss Universe Philippines 2022, she gained much more popularity. The stunning 25-year-old left her native Italy to pursue pageantry in the Philippines.

In preliminary swimsuit round she wore a cape made during a Save the Children Philippines outreach in Marawi, along with a pink two-piece bikini.

The Miss Universe Philippines organization shared Celeste’s thoughts regarding her cape on social media during that time.

“In amplifying the voices of the children who need our help, I wanted to bring them with me on the Miss Universe stage. The imprints all over the cape remind me that having a title means to have a purpose beyond myself. Having talked to some of the mothers of the children beneficiaries, I was reminded of my own Mother who struggled to provide for my sister and I. Unfortunately, there are millions of children who live in poverty, amidst crisis. I hope that it inspires people to donate to Save the Children Philippines. There’s much work to be done and every single person’s help matters,” Celeste Cortesi stated.

A clip of Celeste’s catwalk is provided below:

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