Markus Paterson Admitted Not a Fan of LDR? “I Probably Wouldn’t Survive”

Markus Paterson understands completely that social media as well as other online streaming platforms have deeply embedded themselves into our everyday lives and finds nothing wrong with individuals finding a partner online.

The Kapamilya actor acknowledges that he is not really familiar with the “akyat ng ligaw sa bahay” or traditional courtship in the Philippines and that he likes to court his ladylove face-to-face. 

Markus explained, “Yeah, I believe in ligawan. It’s a cultural thing, especially here in the Philippines and since I grew up in the UK, it’s not really a part of our culture. So, parang nagulat lang ako with the whole process but it’s nice to learn because I’m also a Filipino.” 

He said that courting a female requires not only making a positive appearance but also demonstrating his sincerity and good intentions.

“There can still be a lot of factors but for me, it’s being true to yourself and making sure you’re showing your true colors because the worse thing is getting into a relationship and suddenly the person changes, parang they’re just putting their best foot forward where they think they would like them more because they are being someone else (someone they’re not),” he added.

Markus is really quite unlikely to engage into a long-distance relationship  (or LDR for short), in contrast to his role Greg in this Saturday’s episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) titled Strangers Online, opposite Heaven Peralejo (as Wena).

He loves having a physical relationship. “That’s my love language, physical touch, and for me, I probably wouldn’t survive because medyo clingy ako,” he confessed.

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