Daniel Padilla’s Popularity Makes Karla Estrada To Become Boastful?

According to rumors, Queen Mother Karla Estrada has already started bragging because of the achievement of her son, Supreme Idol Daniel Padilla.

According to an article in Balita, Cristy Fermin, Morly Alinio, and Wendell Alvarez of the YouTube entertainment program Showbiz Now Na recently discussed celebrities who have grown boastful as a result of their popularity in the entertainment world.

Karla Estrada was one of the identities they discussed. Because he directly recognizes the Queen Mother, Morly claimed that he believes she has changed.

He went back to Karla’s early days in the entertainment industry.

“Ate Cristy, ‘yang si Karla, nangangarap talaga ‘yang maging artista, maging singer. Lahat ng reporters, kinakaibigan niya. Maging sino. Pero nitong lumaki ang pangalan ng kaniyang anak na si Daniel Padilla, lumobo ang ulo niya,” Morly stated.

When Karla was introduced to Mariposa, Cristy recounted, she sang Wind Beneath My Wings.

Karla’s vocal performance wasn’t so great back then, according to the seasoned writer.

Additionally, it was stated that they got to see Karla’s career path up to the point where she joined That’s Entertainment.

Morly also stated that even if they ran into each other in person, Karla would not be able to recall Cristy at this point.

In regard to Karla Estrada, Cristy Fermin remarked, “Samantalang dati kapag may mga shows tayo, umaangkas siya kahit na ₱2K, 3K ang talent fee… yung sumikat si Daniel, nahawa siya sa pagsikat, nabigyan ng opportunity, doon nagsimula ang kaniyang paglobo (ng ulo).”

Morly further recalled that Karla would request the exact fee and not less than what she requires whenever Daniel had concerts.

The Queen Mother has not yet made a response about this allegation towards her as of the moment this article was written.

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