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In a recent YouTube interview on comedian-talent manager Ogie Diaz’s channel, actress-singer Janella Salvador shared the trauma she suffered from a previous relationship. During their interview, Ogie mentioned celebrity doctora Vicki Belo’s vlog, in which Janella declined to mention her previous relationship or the identity of her ex-boyfriend. With this, Ogie inquired whether it was [...]

MANILA, Philippines — Celebrity doctor Vicki Belo revealed that the liposuction surgery she performed on Janella Salvador assisted her in getting the part of Valentina in the upcoming series (Darna). Vicki stated last month in a conversation with Ogie Diaz on his Channel on YouTube that Janella is happy for the procedure. Vicki said. “Janella [...]

Recently, the celebrity couple Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson introduced their first born baby to the world. Janella tells the story as she recalls the time when they found out she was pregnant. “Before that, I had a weird feeling already because I wasn’t my usual self and you know, I was feeling so bloated. [...]

Janella Salvador and her boyfriend Markus Paterson recently revealed a big news, confirming the rumors about having a baby. Janella posts two cute photos of baby Jude with a caption, “You’re the best gift i’ve ever received, Jude. 🤍” https://www.instagram.com/p/CJsWD7-shUq/ On January 5, both Janella and Markus announced that they will be posting a video [...]

Janella Salvador, together with her partner Markus, finally reveals that they are parents of a baby boy, Jude Trevor Paterson. On January 5, 2021, 8 pm, they uploaded their first video on their YouTube channel “M & J”, as the couple confirms rumor. Janella and Markus confirmed their relationship back in September 2020. “You’re too [...]

Celebrity couple Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson recently posted a photo of them together after the actress was allegedly given birth to her child. After the pregnancy rumor of actress and singer Janella Salvador exploded. Everyone has been eyeing every new photo uploaded by the couple. Just recently, Markus has accidentally posted an erupted online [...]

Everyone knows that the issue about pregnancy couldn’t be able to hide at all times. Just recently, actress Janella Salvador’s rumored pregnancy surfaced online. The online community remarked that she was hiding the truth about the matter. However, the post of her boyfriend Markus Paterson hinted that Janella was pregnant but again it was just [...]

Janella Salvador broke her silence after she has this response to her bashers saying she is hiding her pregnancy, regarding her pregnancy issue. Recently, couple Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson disclosed to the public about their relationship. After that, rumors that the actress and singer being pregnant circulates online. According to some netizens, maybe she [...]

Actress-singer Janella Salvador recently posted on her social media account a whole-body picture of her amid the pregnancy rumor. Janella became the talk of the town after netizens speculated that she is pregnant and on one of her live videos, the actress said that she is now allowed to jump. This was after her revelation [...]

Actress/singer Jenine Desiderio and the mother of Kapamilya young actress Janella Salvador shared some photos of her together with Markus’s father and her daughter Janella on her social media amid pregnancy rumor. Image from Philnews Recently, the couple shared a live video on Instagram wherein the netizens notice that the actress face becomes pretty fat [...]