1st Time in PBB History: KD Estrada Walks Out In Front of Host, Toni Gonzaga Surprised

KD Estrada walks out when he was nominated for the third time.

The scene like this was the first happening recorded in the history of the PBB show.

KD Estrada stood right after he was called on three times as he was nominated by his fellow housemates for the eviction with the other housemates including Chie Filomeno, Eian Rances, and Benedix Ramos.

Last Sunday, November 14, 2021, host of the show Toni Gonzaga confronted all of them to announce the set of nominees within a week. After hearing his name mentioned by the host, the 18-year-old singer suddenly stood up and walk out, the first time happened in the history of the show that contestant voluntarily walks out.

“It just hurt me. I thought this week, I was already improving myself. Masakit lang po, e,” confessed by the housemate.

KD Estrada broke down and cry before the housemates. Two among the housemates comforted him, Samantha and Alexa while some other housemates come out with tears.

Gonzaga got 8 points, which is the highest. Filomeno got 7 points while Rances and Ramos tied with 5 points.

Watch the emotional housemate on the video below.

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I really felt the care of Alexa. KD is so blessed to have her in his side . Yung payo nya nakaka enlighten and looking for the bright side. Sana all may “Ate” like Alexa 

Its painful how the other housemates walk away after seeing KD get on his knees crying out loud in so much pain. Only sam and alexa comforted him.

Omo, yung higpit ng yakap says how much he’s hurt. Dont worry we’ll kept on saving you KD!

Ang ganda ng mga sinabi ni Sam at Alexa kay KD so comforting. 

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