Reason Why Sara Chose VP Instead Of President, Sara’s Close Friend Revealed

The strongest woman in Davao City, Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio finally made up her mind to run the country’s second highest post. Inday Sara is now officially running for vice president under Lakas-CMD.

Despite of her top rating in national survey among the presidential aspirants, last Saturday, Sara made an official statement about her final say to run for vice president in the 2022 election. According to her, this is in order to meet the halfway with her supporters.

Why Sara Chose VP Instead Of President According To Close Confidant

But why Sara chose to run vice president instead of president? A trusted close friend of Sara explained why Davao City Mayor chose to run for the second highest post.

According to the friend of Sara, Mike Acebedo Lopez, he started to say that Sara considers running for presidency in early months of May to June. The claim appeared on the Facebook of Lopez.

Why Sara Chose VP Instead Of President According To Close Confidant
Image from: Reddit u/jrmaxx22

“I witnessed her decision-making process. I was in some of the crucial meetings when BBM was just wanting to be her VP and she encouraged him to run for president”.

Lopez continued that this was one among the many considerations why presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos took very much longer to decide to what post he is running. He said that time being BBM was willing to give way to Sara if she runs for president that is if Sara changes her mind.

“It took her some time to eventually decide to be VP, to at least meet her supporters halfway. PRD knows exactly why she didn’t vie for the Presidency when she actually considered it May-June”.

Lopez said that he knows everything about it from the very first time as he was with Inday Sara during her important meetings in person as well as in some of her virtual meetings. In addition, Lopez claimed that what he said is true and no hearsay with it.

Meanwhile, after Sara formalized her vice presidential bid, Marcos’ Partido Federal ng Pilipinas issued a resolution adopting Sara as Marcos’ vice presidential candidate.

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