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COVID-19 Vaccines Not for Sale, Says National Task Force (NTF)

National Task Force (NTF) statement, following the leaked information of the alleged sale of COVID-19 vaccine slots. “We would like to remind everyone that anti-COVID vaccines are FREE for all qualified citizens. They are not for sale. Thus, the selling of vaccines or of the priority slots is deemed illegal and punishable by law.”

NTF warns, anyone found selling the vaccine will be punished because it is illegal. “For those who are engaged in the unauthorized sale of anti-COVID vaccines, we ask you to stop what you are doing. The long arm of the law will soon catch up on you. We assure the public that individuals who are involved in this prohibited scheme will be penalized.”

The NTF issued the statement after the Department of Interior Local Government issued a reminder last week that it would investigate several reports of alleged vaccine slot selling.

Several local government units, such as San Juan and Mandaluyong City, also launched their respective investigations.

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