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RAFFY TULFO IN ACTION: Bryan Ramos Asks Help After wife Lady Ramos Impregnate by his Friend Dennis Macatuno

In the latest episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action, a certain husband expressed his dismay after he found out that his “tropa” (friend) impregnated his wife.

The husband was identified as Lucky Bryan Ramos that has sought the help of Raffy Tulfo through his show Raffy Tulfo in Action, against his friend who was identified as Dennis Macatuno that was reportedly impregnated his wife named Lady Valerio Ramos.

According to Lucky, it was last October 4, 2018 when he discovered that his wife is pregnant with his friend. However, Valerio hides her pregnancy to his husband. But there is no secret that will not be revealed, as Lucky eventually discovered his wife’s infidelity after he saw her ultrasound copy.

With that, Raffy Tulfo suggest Lucky to let the child undergo a DNA test to confirm who the real father is, which was also agreed by Ramos.

On the other hand, Valerio also speak for her side. According to her, she accused her ex-husband of maltreatment and for having an affair with other women. The two even have an exchange of heated argument after the unfaithful woman refused to turn over the custody to her ex-partner.

Meanwhile, Atty. Garreth Tungol said that Valerio could face six to 10 years imprisonment for ‘adultery’ if Lucky would file a case against her.

Watch the full video here:

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