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Janica Nam Finally Found New Love 3 Years After Boyfriend Hashtag Franco Died

The girlfriend of late Hashtags member Franco Hernandez, Janica Nam Floresca, has now finally found new love 3 years after Franco died.

Recalling, it was on November 2017, when the news heard that the 26-year-old It’s Showtime Hashtag Franco reportedly died in a drowning incident in North Lamidan, Davao Occidental. During that time the accident occur, he was then with his girlfriend and friends.

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For some people, there comes a time in your life where you meet someone and know instantly in your whole heart that’s the person whom you want to make smile, laugh, feel love and doing weird stuffs with the rest of your life. That time came in my life when I met you my Mico! Everywhere I go is a memory of you, of us. Sometimes it’s still hard for me to accept the fact that you do not exist anywhere on this earth. Your laugh, your genuine smile, and your vibrant personality were completely gone but it always have a place in my mind and my heart. 😊 There were so many times I needed one of your hugs. Good hugs are hard to come by these days. It’s very difficult walking through life without you to lean on. Life gotten much harder since I’ve lost you, but I know you’re still here to guide me that’s why I’m still moving forward in life everyday. The reason why I fell in love with you is because of your golden heart. I’ll never get tired to share with people of how good you are. Thanks for making me the happiest girl I've ever been at least for a while. You are missed here by so many. Your family, friends and I love you and miss you and we hope nothing but pure happiness and love to you. The love we had will always remain in me. HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY in heaven my love! I hope that you are sitting in the sunshine today, laughing, singing and dancing with the angels above celebrating your special day. Iloveyousomuch! You will always be in my heart. . Love, Janica

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Their boat capsized as a strong wave hit their motorized banca. Due to the unfortunate happening, Franco died. However, his girlfriend, model Janica Floresca, managed to survived from the accident. After that tragedy, Janica never failed to remember Franco in many ways since he died.

She would always leave a message for him on special days and occasions and she always remember his ways and what he’s done for her when he was still alive.

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I lost my heart exactly on this date when God called you home. It’s been over 2 years but it feels like just yesterday. I remember exactly how you looked like in that moment and it breaks my heart every time I see it.  I remember the sound of my voice as I was screaming for help. I remember the times when I thought I heard you knock on the door and when I open it you’re not there. I remember the heaviness that came with the realization that you were truly gone forever and there‘s nothing I could do about it. I remember everything and I’ll never forget. But for the sake of my sanity and my mental health, I grew myself in a way I didn’t know was even possible during those traumatic times. And without a doubt you have helped me shape into the woman I am today. Because of you I know how to love deeper, grow stronger, live happier, become a fighter, appreciate life. But there are days I’m asking myself “how can I stay strong?” “how do I continue to smile and be happy?” “How can I put my best foot forward today if I’m not feeling my best at all?”Every single day is a struggle for me and it always will be but I have to keep going and have faith. I believe I have your hand in directing my path step by step and I am blessed to know that. I hope I make you so proud every single day. Thank you for always being there my love. You have shown me so much love and so much more up until now. And to love or have been loved, that is enough. You are always here in my everyday life and in every moment. It has been 2 meaningful years since the day God changed my life forever. But loving you will always be timeless. And as I turn this page, I’m wishing you a Happy 2nd birthday in heaven my Angel. Iloveyousomuch. 🦋🥀

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And now, for almost three years after Franco died, Janica shared a photo on her Instagram account a polaroid shots with her “new boyfriend”.

Janica tagged his new boyfriend which name is Lorenz. She caption their photo saying, “Love just comes naturally and it will find it’s way into our lives, just like how God has sent you to me.”

Also Lorenz also posted photo with Janica saying, Never fallen quite this high.

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Never fallen quite this high. ♥️

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Janica’s recent post to Franco is when she greeted him from his 29’th birthday. She expressed that she will forever consider herself lucky to be with him. “Deep down in my heart, I know you are really happy for me. Enjoy your special day in heaven. Happy birthday my Angel.” Janica caption her post.

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