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Clint Bondad Tweets Went Viral; Catriona Gray Retweeted “Let’s not make a big fuss about it.”

Clint Bondad, Catriona Gray’s long term ex-boyfriend, became viral on social media after posting tweets regarding his past relationship with Catriona. Netizens speculated that Clint hasn’t moved on yet from their relationship based on the tweets.

Clint and Catriona had been in a relationship for 6 years and the two had broken up a year ago. Clint’s tweets about Catriona can be heartwarming however, it is still not confirmed if the account was owned by himself.

On Twitter, a pinned tweet said, “I was there when you lost the world, and I was also there when you achieved the Universe but now I’ll just watch you glow from afar until our stars collide again.”

Netizens say that it was a “poser” and fake account. However some netizens believe that it was really him based on the resemblance of how he composes his Instagram captions.

Catriona Gray also retweeted, explaining that people should not make a big fuss about the issue for they have already ended their 6-year relationship a year ago.

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