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BREAKING NEWS: Negros Occidental Enchance Community Quarantine Extended Until April 30, 2020

BREAKING NEWS, Governor Bong Lacson signs Executive Order to extend the enhance community quarantine here in Negros Occidental up to April 30, 2020 an additional 2 more weeks on fight against the virus.

According to the Governor prior on the assessment of the experts monitoring the threat the COVID-19 pandemic it needs more time to flatten the curve and the provincial capitol it still doing it’s best to ensure the public safety.

Governor Bong Lacson addressed to the public “don’t panic the budget is enough to supply all the basic needs of the greatly affected families especially the indigent”.

As of now Negros Occidental caters 30 up virus strucked patients and gladly there are some who recovered, that is good news to us.

Meanwhile the national government previously declared the extension of ecq in Luzon to April 30, Pres. Duterte recent press release that he urge the public to stay at home and do not be stubborn.

Duterte noted that if you do not cooperate the COVID-19 virus will tear down the country economy and the budget will fully consumed and he will face the dilemma on how to get additional funds.

For more update please continue to visit our website to be immediately informed on the latest war on the COVID-19 pandemic.

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