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Extended Lockdown in Metro Manila Expected, Task Force Adviser Suggests

Extended lockdown in Metro Manila was suggested by the Inter-Agency Task Force Adviser on COVID-19 Dr. Tony Leachon.

In an interview with DZMM, Leachon explained the necessity of extending the lockdown within the National Capital Region because according to him the COVID-19 cases in the country has not yet reach the “plateau” based on the record of the Department of Health showing the increase of coronavirus confirmed cases in the country.

Leachon also noted that in the areas outside Metro Manila can be loosen but authorities are advised to continue suspension of classes, work and mass transportation in the entire Luzon and the public is advised to maintain home quarantine and proper hygiene as well as social distancing and contact tracing.

Leachon, who is also a former consultant of the Health Department and Director of PhilHealth emphasizes the importance of mass testing knowing that according to him we can’t defeat the virus if we don’t conduct “mass testing.”

Recently, the Philippines is having 2,633 confirmed coronavirus cases and death toll of 63 with 472 total patients recovered.

Here is the video interview of DZMM with Dr. Tony Leachon.

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