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WATCH: Viral Wife Of The Man Who Commits Suicide Finally Breaks Silence

Viral now is the recent news that makes news in social media where certain commits suicide in front of his child for the reason that he has been betrayed by his wife and exchange him on other men.

The father/husband uploaded a video and talk about his frustration and depression because of the problems and betrayal of his wife.

Due to that, he decided to end his life and what is sad is that the child is offering a chair intentionally saved his father and crying desperately in the video.

Now finally the wife speaks up and watch the video down below:

The wife noted “you do not know the real scenario why this happened, you just judge me and it hurts a lot not knowing you do not have knowledge about the truth, now it is my time to explain and you can ask question “

The wife becomes emotional and asks to stop judging her.

Meanwhile, the child is in good hands and coping up from a traumatic event and hopefully, this will not affect his mental health in the near future.

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