Chel Diokno Answer Back to President Duterte Regarding his Bucktooth

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Chel Diokno is a human rights lawyer. He replies at Duterte after the President makes fun of his bucktooth.

Diokno said that it was okay for him to be the subject of President Rodrigo Duterte’s insults, however, they should also focus on the needs of the people.

Diokno posted on his Twitter, “Okay lang na pag-initan n’yo ako, pero tutukan n’yo rin ang pangangailangan ng mga tao,”

Last Friday night, the President did his unannounced late-night address, where he accused Diokno and the members of the opposition of resorting to black propaganda amid the government’s fight against the COVID-19.

At some point, he lambasted Diokno for his appearance, calling him buck-toothed.

As for Diokno, he said he took on the case of a netizen who was summoned by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for posting online comments critical of the government’s alleged misuse of public funds.

The human rights lawyer said on his Twitter, “Balita ko pinatawag ako sa principal’s office kagabi. Tungkol daw sa ngipin ko?”

He added, “Mr. President, may mga kliyente akong tinutulungan na tinitiis na ang sakit at gutom, ngunit wala akong sinabihang manggulo o lumabag ng batas.”

Recalling that in May 2019, Diokno ran for the position of the senator during the mid-term elections but did not make it.

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