VIRAL: Francis Leo Marcos “Mayaman Challenge” Accepted by Romano Marcella Who Gives 3M for 100 Families


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Francis Leo Marcos is making round in social media following after his “Mayaman Challenge” that was accepted by his friend Romano Marcella who gives 3-million pesos to support more than 100 indigent families affected by enhancing community quarantine in Luzon.

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According to the video uploaded by Francis Leo Marcos, his businessman friend, Romano Marcella accepted his challenge in order to set an example to the businessmen who also give support to the affected families of enhancing community quarantine but a small amount good only for one-day meal.

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In the video, Romano Marcella said, “Francis Leo Marcos, tinatanggap ko yung hamon mo. Itong budget na to, para sa mahigit isang daang pamilya ang makikinabang. Sana yung request mo sa mga politico na nagbibigay na halos dala-dalawang kilong bigas na pang isang araw lang. Ayos ka sa akin tol.”

According to Francis Leo Marcos, he first initiates to gives a donation of 1-sack of rice to 100 families in Payatas as netizens following his YouTube channel had requested him to support them while the enhance community quarantine is ongoing. From this, he makes a “Mayaman Challenged” which was also accepted by some of his friends.

Francis Leo Marcos explains on how to avail the 1 sack of rice he has donated to the barangay. He said that they need to screenshot the video while watching him and present to the barangay and claim the 1-sack rice.

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Francis Leo Marcos also said he has reserved 380 bags of rice to be given to the other barangays requesting him.

Watch the video here:

The video post of Francis Leo Marcos flooded with comments from the netizens thanking him for his generosity. While some who idolize him expresses a desire to see him after the lockdown.

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