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Viral Now: Good Samaritan “Francis Leo Marcos” Enrage After Truck Of Rice For Humanitarian Purpose Block For Irrational Reason

Viral now in social media is a good samaritan named Francis Leo Marcos enrage after his truckload of rice is a block for an irrational reason.

According to Sir Marcos, his actions during his previous vlog creates a serious violation, but he clarified it is just a vlog and even does not mentioned names.

“KNOW MORE INFO of Francis Leo Antonio Marcos Bios Profile

Now he is being a center of complain by his neighbors in the subdivision where he lives.

The controversy started when he initiated a vlog to call the attention of his fellow millionaires to help the poor or donate something for Humanitarian purpose.

The actual scenario is the truck cannot to the specified destination for the actual unloading of rice intended for donation for the families that are now suffering from the lockdown especially the indigent, he becomes more emotional considering the fact there are Filipinos out there suffering from starvation and his aim to help is just nullified by an irrational reason.

He quoted “any rule has an exemption, provided it has a justifiable reason, especially for Humanitarian purposes”.

He also challenges his critics to reveals themselves and he will surely fight back at them, he also addressed that if you really had the heart to help support his purpose and if now you are one of the scums out there.

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Another cancer of society is happening now where self-centered people tries to block the good purpose of an individual to help just for jealousy or personal reasons.

This is the time to join hands specially addressed to the privilege out there to support not be a toxic citizen in the society.

To know more about sir Leo Marcos watch this video below:

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