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Due to Coronavirus, Monkeys in Thailand Starts the Gang-War

Thailand is one of the popular tourist destinations. One of the tourist spots is the Lop Buri which is home to thousands of monkeys.

The tourist can feed the monkey and that made the monkeys reliant on humans when it comes to food.

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Unfortunately due to coronavirus, the tourist in Lop Buri is starting to disappear. And that made the monkey’s food supply short and caused massive problems in Muang district.

That was the start of the monkey gang-war from the streets to the temple of Lop Buri because the monkeys began to traverse territories.

Temple Monkeys and City Monkeys usually don’t encroach on each other’s territories. However, because of the lack of food, they were forced to do so.

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Based on the article of Bangkok Post, temple monkeys are reigning over the areas around Phra Prang Sam Yod. Not so long ago, their rivals are based around the municipality.

Some motorist has witnessed that the leader of the temple gang was leading into its enemy territory. The monkeys were looking for food at the market. But the rival gang leader defended their territory and fought back to the intruders. Afterward, the temple monkeys retreated.

A concerned woman told Thai Rath online that the temple monkeys did not have enough food. That’s why they decided to enter other territories to avoid starving.

Clearly, the sudden drop in tourists affected the lives of hundreds of monkeys that depended on them for food. This is the reason why several wildlife experts disapprove of feeding wild animals.

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