Based on Research, 80% of COVID-19 Cases Comes From Those Who are Unaware Of Infection

COVID-19 is a pandemic disease and a fast-spreading virus that affects thousands and millions of people around the world and caused a nation to be on lockdown.

Countries like South Korea which is top-of-the-line medical equipment in which viruses could be contained with no problems.

But the problem wasn’t the equipment, or the countermeasures imposed to prevent the spread because, in South Korea, just a single patient caused the major cases in the country.

For instance, a group of researchers conducted a study titled: “Substantial undocumented infection facilitates the rapid dissemination of novel coronavirus“.

Data from China that Epidemiologists develop is a mathematical model of infectious disease spread. Moreover, their model calculated that around 80% of confirmed cases were originated from “undocumented cases”.

If a person could be infected even without symptoms this means COVID-19 has infect individuals and become asymptomatic.

When someone experiences mild symptoms, and most of us can relate to this, we still go about our day and send the kids to school and go to work and might have a headache or slight fever and maybe take ibuprofen and go out and go shopping and whatnot.

It is that continued contact with people that allows the transmission of many respiratory viruses.

Study co-author Jeffrey Shaman, professor of environmental health at Columbia University

Based on a new study, the researchers’ mathematical model was divided COVID-19 into two types namely: confirmed (documented cases with symptoms) and undocumented infected individuals.

Researchers calculated separate rates of transmission based on the movement of China’s residents between locations. Using this approach, the authors estimated that prior to travel restrictions on Jan. 23, 86% of all infections in China were undocumented.

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