ACTUAL VIDEO: Chaos on the Ilo-Ilo-Cebu Airport (STRANDED)

As we can see on the video, passengers are stranded in Ilo-Ilo-Cebu airport. People were shouting, requesting that they should see the manager. The employers insisted that they could not let the people talk to the manager since he/she was on a meeting. The passengers stranded on the airport were very frustrated because employers won’t let them take the flight.

Some of the comments are: 

I salute kila ate for being calm all the way! These people should be recognized by their management. Good job! 👏👏👏

Indi ko ka.inthindi ngaa gusto nila mag.tabok???is it because they need to go home to their families???probably but you have to take measures of the situation since as far as i know last day pa nag.declare nga cancel all trip… or sea…i think this situation is not in our control now…even those your shouting to…yung mga crew…i hope you guys came up with the solutions and not blaming those people and parang makapag.utus kayo or makasigaw kayo sa kanila you put foods on their tables(wag naman ganun)…think wide nlng guys and patience! In this time we need to be as one to fight for this pandemic…kung c pres. Pa… Ceasefire!!!

Bilib k sa mga staff wla gd nila gnpatulan ang mga nagawala sa wla lugar.. by the way.. hndi ka bobo bat ka nagwawala sa harap nila… hndi ka bobo pero matigas lng ulo.. ksi sinabihan na nga ng gobyerno na hwag magbyahe.. pipilit pa.. batasan gd na bala naton na kilanlan bag.uhon.. magpa feeling importante gd ya.. hndi na magbyahe para lng sa inyo… ano kmu president????

Kawawa ang mga staff. Wala silang magawa kung walang eroplanong lilipad. Nag hahanap buhay ang mga yan sa kakarampot na sahod. Sana walang virus ung nag sisigaw. Im sure maraming laway tumalsik galing sa kanya

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