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Watch A Love Story from Janella Salvador and Joshua Garcia in the Episode of MMK on February 22

A love story from Janella Salvador and Joshua Garcia for this week’s episode on Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK), February 22.

The Joshnella (Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador)  is one of the fast-rising love team in the showbizness.

Their love team will be featured in the week’s episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) this Saturday.

They will be playing as the character of Jayson and Aira. And they met through dancing and fell in love with each other.

As we watch in the teaser, they are both cheer dancers. They became friends and turned into lovers. Also, both their families liked them for each other. But due to some problems, it caused their relationship to break up.

Joshua said in the episode, “Nasakal lang ako”, and that’s when Janella’s character responded and that’s why she let go and he can finally do anything that he wants.

Here are some comments from the post:

@intoblackfeed: Grabe ang cute nilang dalwa lalo pag ngkatinginan 😍😍 hayy nkaka good vibes. Excited much

@alonzoalice9: Hoooyyy GRABE teaser palang pero gustong gusto ko na mapanood ng buo!!! Anu ba JoshNella 💛

@superdapa6: Hala parang naiyak na ako😢…. JoshNella kayo Lang talaga ang loveteam na sinubaybayan ko… 😍😍❤️

Janella and Joshua first teamed up in the hit tv series “The Killer Bride”. They played the characters of Elias and Emma. Joshua said in the previous article that his new love team is somehow he would keep in his life. He also said how lucky he is to be friends with Janella, and how they would miss each other working after “The Killer Bride”.

What can you say about their love team? Share your thoughts and comments in the discussion box below.

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