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Kuwaiti Employer Defends Married Pinay “Gina” Who Got Pregnant with Egyptian Boy Friend

For a Filipino domestic helper to get pregnant in the Middle East including Kuwait is not acceptable. But a rare of a kind employer of Gina, defended her from the angry bashers who fabricated stories about her on social media.

Gina got pregnant with her Egyptian boyfriend, but the man fled to his hometown in Egypt and never come back. Poor OFW was scared to tell her employers and scared to be known by her family in the Philippines chose to keep secret the pregnancy with her own alone.

married Pinay

Several months passing until her day to deliver the child comes. But yet unknown to her employer because she had small stomach that can be hidden beneath her voluminous clothing. Gina secretly delivered the baby that she only knows about it. When she comes back to confront her employer again, she was carrying a baby at the time when she arrived in the house.

It becomes more difficult to her that after she gave birth of the baby she found out her baby having a head injury due to a hard object that caused the accident.

married Pinay

After learning of her employer about her situation, being kind, instead of reporting the incident to the religious police, Gina and her baby rushed to the hospital for immediate medical attention in the ICU for her baby and make sure both of them are safe.

The incident caught the attention of the netizens. A massive criticism stoned against her for having a boyfriend in Kuwait and a baby knowing that she is a married woman in the Philippines.

married Pinay

The sad is that, there are people in the social media fabricating stories accusing her employer was unkind to her in spite of her help to Gina. But her madam wanted to clear up the issue by speaking on camera defending herself and Gina from the false story circulating online. The video was uploaded and went viral online.

Watch video here:

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