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Viral Pose of Nadine Lustre: Muse of Brazil 2020

Celebrity Actress Endorser Nadine Lustre posted on her Instagram a short video clip in Brazil, and they believe that she posed is for a muse in Brazil 2020.

Nadine the 26-year-old actress post caught the attention of a lot of fans and followers as they appreciate and support the actress in her journey after the alleged break up with her ex-boyfriend James Reid.

Here is the original caption of Nadine in her post on Instagram.

Parallels on the muse in Brazil (2020) and some paintings of femme fatales in the past. Swipe to see the pigeons’ participation 🦋
Portrait of Madame X by John Singer Sargent, 1884 – A controversial painting of a French society woman whose unconventional beauty made her an object of fascination for artists.
Beauty and the Beast by Rolf Armstrong (1950s) – An American painter known for his alluring pinup art. He describes the perfect model once as a “brunette with stars still in [her] eyes and with natural spirit.” Thank you @peeweeisidro & @sukisalvador for giving me the creative freedom in this and Team Rio along with all the amazing young designers 🖤


The post went viral and gathered hundreds and thousands of share in photos and videos on Facebook and Twitter.

In the video, Nadine is standing one leg at the top of the box while the other is at the top of the chair which makes he two legs split apart. Some netizens commented that they won’t believe that she can do it, while some said she is fearless to post in that way.

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