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WATCH: Mayor Isko Moreno Face To Face With The Group Of Gangster Teenagers That Burned A Balloon Vendor in Metro Manila

MANILA Mayor Isko Moreno finally face to face with the group of gangster teenagers who burned a poor balloon vendor.

As caught in the CCTV the balloon vendor was just resting around 3pm in the afternoon in a certain barangay hall and a group of teenager comes closed to vendor and throw something and burned him (balloon vendor) and suffered severe burn and now hospitalized in the Mandaluyong.

Mayor Moreno found out that this group of teenagers becomes a pain in the neck on their respective barangays and involved in illegal act like snatching and bullying.


Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: Viral Now Balloon Vendor Burned By Group Of Teenagers “Napagtripan ng Gangsters” Face Their Demise

Yorme also added that the balloon vendor will file a case against these teenagers to teach them a lesson. The mayor of Manila also promise that you will face your demise if you did wrongful act in his city.


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